4PRO heat resistant tape

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Thanks to its innovative formula, 4PROHEATFIX is the world’s most powerful and durable repair tape. Materials such as metals (eg iron, aluminum and copper), textiles, porcelain, ceramics, plastics and PVC can be repaired / taped.


  • Self-adhesive, heat-resistant
  • Heat resistant up to 450ᵒC
  • Curing time 0,5 – 2,5 hours
  • Resistant to water and wind

Fields of application:

  • Dampers
  • Water radiators
  • Exhaust pipes
  • Heat pipes and chimneys

4proheatfix can be used to repair the exhaust systems of heat pipes, boiler pipes, cars and motorcycles, ceramics, plastics, PVC, etc. 4proheatfix is ​​resistant to high temperatures (-45 ° C – 450 ° C) Tape is resistant to water and wind. Suitable for domestic and industrial use, agriculture, automotive and other industries. tape is suitable for urgent repairs. Use on a flat surface is not recommended. Cures in 30 minutes and full cure in 12 hours! The tape can also be sanded and painted.

It is required in every tool kit.

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