Re-bar straightener ALBA ECAR12

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    ALBA re-bar straightener ECAR12

    The ECAR is a new concept of straightener basing its system of work on electrical motors of last generation. It is totally automatic and it has a programmer to control the number of cuts to make and the length of such.

    In this kind of machine the dragging speed is around 60 m/min and the measurement is made by encoder.

    The main features of the ALBA straighteners are:

    • Speed up to 73m/min.
    • Up to 16 mm. of diameter.
    • Security system to prevent overheat.
    • Possibility of motorized decoilers.
    • Minimum maintenance.
    • Auto fan motor.
    • Rollers antiwear.

    The models of ALBA straighteners are ECAR-12 and ECAR-166



    Additional information

    Weight 1404 kg
    Dimensions 2700 × 1020 × 1860 mm


    power supply


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