Armatuuripainutaja ALBA D52L

    Laoseisu päring

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    Designed to bend or straighten bars for the assembly of structural elements.

    Technical specifications:

    weight: 492kg

    dimensions:1120x 684x 976 mm


    • Turntable forward and reverse rotation:
      the table can turn in two directions of
    •  Angles selector: desired angle is
      obtained by inserting the pin in the
      bending table periphery.
    • Electric board: in monoblock,
      sealed case -low voltage (48 V) with
      emergency stop as per CE Standards.
    • Fitted with brake-motor.
    •  Mobile square: with complete
      equipment of bending bushes and
    •  Special devices: stirrups, spirals, etc.
    • Turn table of big diameter: 445 mm


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