Battery adapter DeWalt 18V – Milwaukee

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The Badaptor Dewalt  to Milwaukee Battery Adaptor

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Power tool battery adapters are a useful and important accessory for those who own battery operated power tools. Whether you’re a tradesman, DIY fanatic or you just have different branded tools in your garage; the Badaptor is something that will make your life easier, and save you money.

The DEW-MIL Badaptor allows you to convert your existing 18V DeWalt batteries for use with Milwaukee power tools, allowing you to use the Milwaukee range without having to buy a whole new battery system.

  • More tool choices – Choose power tools to match the job in hand, not just the batteries you already own.
  • Save money – Continue using your preferred battery platform, rather than buying into a new one.
  • Easy to use – The release mechanism means that attaching and removing the Badaptor could not be easier.
  • Go greener – Lithium batteries poison the environment, so the fewer in circulation, the better.
  • Shatter proof – Has been rigorously tested for shatter resistance and general wear and tear.

The DEW-MIL Badaptor allows customers to use their existing 18V DeWalt batteries with the extensive range of Milwaukee 18v tools.

DeWalt XRP batteries are not compatible with the DeWalt Badaptor.

DeWalt batteries cannot be charged in a Milwaukee charger using the Badaptor.


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