Brake clearen 500 ml (090563)

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Removes brake pad dust, oil, dirt and grease from brake pipes, discs, cylinders, pads and calipers.

Does not damage rubber parts and seals.

Also suitable for cleaning wheels.

Also suitable for use as a universal technical cleaner, for cleaning all mechanical parts from oil and other dirt.

Thanks to a special ball valve, this aerosol can be used in any position, whether upright, sideways or upside down.

Spray liberally on the parts to be treated until visible dirt has disappeared – the strong pressure from the aerosol bottle cleans most of the oily dust from the surfaces itself.

Allow excess material to drain and wait until the product dissolves the remaining dirt. If desired, spray again for rinsing and clean and dry the surfaces completely with a clean cloth.

– NB! Before cleaning, just check the stability of the paint and the material on an invisible surface – some synthetic paints and certain types of plastics may melt!

– Follow the instructions for use on the bottles!

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