Chain grease 500 ml (090205)

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For lubrication of heavy-duty chain transmissions.

Grease with very good mechanical strength, water repellent and extreme conditions. Temperature resistance -50`C to + 200`C.

Suitable for lubricating the chains of motorcycles, karts, ATVs and other motor sports machines. Also for lubrication of agricultural machinery, their implements and all kinds of industrial transmission chains. Does not damage plastic and rubber parts in the chains!

When spraying, the chain oil is liquid and goes between each side, lubricating the chain both inside and out. After evaporation of the solvents, it becomes a thick, sticky, slippery grease that adheres well to the chain and gears even at very high speeds.

NB! Not suitable for bicycle chains – dust and sand grains can stick to the chain, as a result of which the chain will crack and the gears will not shift, etc. Use PTFE grease (look for code 0564) to lubricate the bicycle chain.

Before lubricating the chain, we recommend removing it from old grease and other dirt with a technical cleaning agent (code 0584) or a special chain cleaner (look for code 0576).

The best lubricating properties and the right effect come out a few minutes after spraying, when the solvents have evaporated, as with all aerosol lubricants.

When using, also follow the instructions for use on the bottle!

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