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Fast and light floor saw

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The pioneering MEKANO concept from SIMA implies that the machines designed under the MEKANO concept have many parts in common, its components being compatible with all models.

The COBRA Mekano is a fast and all-round pavement cutting machine, lightweight and easy to handle, which can operate with blades from Ø350 mm (14″) up to Ø500 mm (20″) size. Its innovative design allows a relevant reduction of both, the number of maintenance services and the time spent of each maintenance, which is 80% below as compared to any other conventional cutter. This obviously means a considerable reduction in maintenance costs.

For this reason, it is a very convenient machine for rentals. As in COBRA 30 / 35 PRO, the height adjustment is performed with a pneumatic gas shock absorber operated from a trigger in the handlebar.

Likewise, the transmission is efficiently performed by a Poly-V belt. This belt has a better grip and resistance and does not need to operate as tight as a conventional A or B type V-belt.


Lightweight and Nimble:

  • Both the 40 and 50 models are designed to use bigger diamond blades.
  • The COBRA 40 Mekano can operate with Ø350 mm (14″) and Ø400 mm (16″) blades, reaching up to 132 mm ( 5.2″) cutting depth. The COBRA Mekano 50 can operate with Ø450 mm (18″) and Ø500 mm (20″) blades, which reach a maximum cutting depth of up to 182 mm (7.1″).
  • Strong and long lasting, with an improved motor performance and a smoother running.
  • A variety of motors are available for both models, up to 14 Hp and with the possibility of a cyclone air filter motor.


Additional information

Weight 89 kg
Dimensions 1081 × 730 × 900 mm



Honda GX390 13HP, Honda GX390 CYC 13HP, Kohler CH440 CYC 14HP


COBRA 40 Mekano, COBRA 50 Mekano


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