Floor saws COBRA PRO

Cobra PRO floor saws

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Thanks to its very innovative design, the COBRA 30 PRO and COBRA 35 PRO are fast, lightweight and easy to handle pavement cutter. It can work on discs of:

  • Ø300 mm (12”)
  • Ø350mm (14”)
  • Ø400 mm (16”)

And it also helps reducing not only the number of maintenance operations, but also the time that these operations usually take: easy and quick access to the belts, which do not need alignment when tighten.

The new roller tightening system makes this operation a matter of five minutes (instead of the 32 minutes that averages the tightening in conventional pavement cutters).

All this translates into a considerable money saving. The innovation goes even further. The transmission motor to shaft system placed with the cutting blade on the same side of the machine improves performance, while the Poly-V belt makes the most of the driving power with a reduced tensile strength. All to an improved efficiency and a longer life for the machine.

The deepest cut:

  • Light and portable, for easy transportation even in small vehicles.
  • Folding handlebars. Once folded, the machine size is very convenient for storing.
  • Rugged and quick: perfect for rental companies. 
  • Depth regulation through pneumatic gas shock absorber, with height locking system.
  • Rear axe adjustable sidewise, allowing cuts close to walls or sidewalk kerbs, columns, etc.
  • Wheels bearings protected from pressure water, when washing the machine, by hubcups on both sides of the wheels. This protection extends the bearingslife.
  • Portable polycarbonate water tank (removable).
  • Puncture proof rear wheels.

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Elektrimootor 50Hz/5P 4Kw/5,5, Honda GX200 6,5 HP, Honda GX270 8,4HP, Kohler CH270 6,5HP, Kohler CH395 8,6HP


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