Copper grease 500 ml (090301)

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High copper content, heat resistant, well conductive mounting aerosol.

After evaporation of organic thinners (within a few minutes after spraying) leaves a dense paste-like layer on the surface, which protects against corrosion and is resistant to water, acids and salts and withstands temperature fluctuations –40`C to + 1100`C.

In addition to a wide range of specific and / or industrial applications, this means that every copper grease-treated bolt and nut that you tighten will loosen after years with the same force. A lot is used, for example, on wheel bolts to prevent them from rusting. The same is true, for example, of connecting muffler pipes. When used on battery terminals, it ensures a very good connection and prevents electrolytic corrosion, on brake pads it prevents them from getting stuck, etc.

In many dealerships, this bottle is available to every mechanic, as no connection is allowed until it has been screwed on.

– Also follow the instructions on the bottles!

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