Debris Crusher TRITON

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TRITÓN, Debris Crusher for recycling

  • The new Triton crushes the debrisgenerated during refurbishing work,reducing by 1/3 its original volumen.
  • Easy stack up and removal of the crushed debris (aggregate).
  • If the aggregate is from crushed free of gypsum, metal and wood, it can be re-used for mixing new mortar.


  • Build on four wheels (puncture free), it fits a domestic lift and through a house or apartment door.


  • Two sieves (included) to obtain the desired sand gange.
  • Three-Phase and Single-phase versions (this last one fitted with inverter), fully compatible with the domestic electric supply.

Triple Savings

  • Saving s in space. The aggregate obtained has 1/3 of the volume of the original debris.
  • Saving in time. Less time / workforce needed than for ordinary debris removal.
  • Saving in recyclability. The sand from crushed debris can be used for making mortar or concrete, instead of buying new aggregate.

Product info Triton EST

Owners manual



Additional information

Weight 220 kg
Dimensions 800 × 1200 × 1300 mm


power supply


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