Drill Tool 50X

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The optimal screw-in aid

The drill tool 50X is a drilling jig for the invisible attachment of decking. Decking boards can only be fastened non-visibly with this tool. Thus, no screw heads are visible on the terrace surface.

The screws are evenly screwed in at a 50 ° angle thanks to the specified fixing points and thus optimally placed. The distance dome on the drill tool 50X automatically ensures a uniform
gap distance of 6 mm between the individual planks.


  • Quick and easy decking installation
  • Ensures a uniform joint pattern
  • Fixing points are predefined

Instructions for use

With the help of the drill tool 50X decking can be non-visibly fixed. For optimal installation without damaging the decking we recommend our 50X deck screw in A2 4,2 mm x 60 mm, 50X long-bit 82 mm TX15 and the 50X step drill 3,3 mm to 4,5 mm.

For decking thicknesses ≤ 21 mm and decking widths of 110 mm – 150 mm.

Important: You need to ask the manufacturer or supplier whether the board is suitable for this type of attachment.


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