E 20-H

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E20 is a self-clamping connecting fitting

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Material: fiberglass reinforced plastic

E20 is a self-clamping connecting fitting that can be installed with any Lamello biscuit joiner. The curved ridges anchor it in the work piece without glue while also clamping the work pieces together. This makes E20 the perfect glueing aid in the workshop or on-site. E20-L is used for surface connections and is ideal for picture frames, plinths or panel extensions. The E20-H is designed for edge joints, e.g. as a plinth connector


  • Connects and clamps with one strike
  • Cut grooves on both pieces simultaneously
  • No clamps, no waiting time

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56 x 11,5 x 4mm


Ø 100 x 4 x 22


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