Table saw EUROTRON 315 XL

EUROTRON 315 XL table saw

Küsi lisainfot
SKU: 10252505


  • Very easy to set up. Easy to move. Especially designed to cut any kind of wood panels up to 83 mm high (3.2”).
  • Reinforced chassis with folding blade guard, fully covering the blade.
  • Transparent Polycarbonate blade screen, to keep your eyes on the cutting line.
  • Legs reinforcing brackets. Robust legs can be anchored on the floor.

CE certification, issued by the National Machinery Verification Centre, belonging to the Institute of Labour and Safety at Work.

Owners manual

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Additional information

Weight 66 kg
Dimensions 1080 × 690 × 1060 mm


Mootori pinge (V)


Kw (Hp)

3 (4)


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