JK CSM semi-automatic carton sealing machine

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A device for the automatic closing of cartons, cardboard packages, equipped with 2 pneumatic closers and a roller conveyor.

The CSM carton closing line sews packages (depending on the programmed settings) with up to 4 staples. Easy settings make the machine close up and down, only up or only down . Time saving at packing stations. The standard magazine holds 300 staples. The conveyor of the CSM device can move the cartons one by one at a speed of 18 meters per minute, closing them repetitively depending on the set scheme. The easy-to-use LCD control panel gives full control over setting the closing position (up, down) and the number of staples used to close the carton .

The Kihlberg-Signode CSM semi-automatic carton closer weighs 275 kg, but thanks to the wheels it can be placed anywhere in the warehouse or production line , depending on current needs. It is enough to connect to 230V power supply and access to a pneumatic system with a working pressure of 6-7 bar.
The CSM device is a complete line for closing cartons with a width of 55 cm and a height of up to 55 cm.
By automating the closing during operation, the operator is moved away from the tools, which gives a safer working environment at the packing stations. And the same technology of closing with staples gives a safe and strong closure thanks to which the goods reach the customer well protected.
The CSM cartoning machine is CE certified and ready to be used as a stand-alone device or integrated into production lines.

Size: L 207 x W Working height 123 x H 172-191cm 81cm – 100cm
Weight: 275 kg
Power supply: 230V
Operating pressure: 6-7 bar (90 – 100 psi)
Carton sizes:

  • length: 200mm – no restrictions
  • width: 160mm – 550mm
  • height: 130mm – 550mm

Weight of cartons to be closed: min 3kg – max 40kg
Conveyor belt speed: 18 meters/minute
Tools (pneumatic closers):

  • closer KIHLBERG model 561-15PNL x2pcs (top and bottom)
  • closer KIHLBERG model 561-18PNL x2pcs (top and bottom)

Magazine capacity: 300 staples


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