Cap Stapler JK PC782

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    Cap stapler

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    Cap Stapler JKPC782

    The tool is a plastic cap tool meaning that the staple is shot together with a plastic cap. The staple then goes through the plastic cap which prevents it from going through the material. It enhances the material’s strength which allows you to cover the same area with fewer staples. Furthermore, the method gives stronger protection against external forces such as wind and rain. Another benefit of JKPC782 is that you easily remove caps and staples at the same time, which is much faster compared to removing staples only. JKPC782 is designed to maintain high productivity levels, so you can get more done in less time, and at a higher quality, providing better results. The Cap Stapler is a pneumatic tool, meaning it’s an air powered tool. It´s a cost-effective, versatile, flexible and reliable method. Read more about our cap stapler.


    Technical Data


    • Article No.126374
    • Weight 1.8 kg ( 4.0 lbs )
    • Dimensions 225 × 130 × 270 mm ( 8.9 x 5.1 x 10.6 in )
    • Magazine capacity 100 fasteners
    • CE declared Yes
    • Max. pressure 7 bar ( 102 psi )


    Owners manual



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