Block and stone saws MAGNUM

Magnum masonry saws

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The blocks saw MAGNUM is rugged and powerful. It provides a high performance in cutting large-sized blocks of:

  • poroton
  • pre-cast concrete
  • gasbeton
  • lime / sand stone and many other construction materials, always using the blade that better suits the material to cut

There are two versions available: the 5.5 Kw (7,5 HP) for Ø700 mm (27”) blades and the 7 Kw (10 HP) for Ø1000 mm (39”) blades.

The MAGNUM includes such improvements as:
1. A new star-delta starter to reduce the amperage intake on start.

  • When the start button is pushed, the motor gets started connecting the coils in series (delta mode), making the machine to work at just 80% of the total motor power.
  • After 10 seconds, it will automatically switch to full power by connecting the coils in star mode.
  • The red button will stop the machine in case of emergency.

2. Heavy duty water pump with high flow of up to 40 litres (10.5 gal.) per minute.
3. The bed frame is reinforced to make it more robust and to afford extra heavy materials.

Great cutting capacity:

  • Handwheel operated mechanical feed, allowing a smooth effortless scrolling.
  • Easy regulation of the cutting height with a very effective and safe locking system.
  • Lasting durability, as it is built on a rugged monobloc chassis, and easy to move, as it is featured with four lockable wheels.
  • Transmission by belts, providing a smooth and quiet operation and a high cutting accuracy.
  • The diamond blade is cooled with water pumped from the tub or directly from the water mains.
  • Large galvanized steel water tub, able to hold up to 87 litres (50 gal.), removable for easy cleaning.
  • Long-life sealed bearings specially designed to work in a wet working environment.
  • All the electronic parts comply with the different applicable European norms and regulations.
  • Maximum cutting length up to 844 mm (33.2”).
  • Maximum cutting depth up to 420 mm (16.5”).


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Weight N/A
Dimensions 2160 × 1260 × 1500 mm



Magnum 1000 7,5Kw 10HP, Magnum 700 5,5Kw 7,5HP


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