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25x25x1250 mm
45x25x1250 mm
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MOUSESTOP plinth strip protecting building facades against rodents

Strip for installation along the external walls of the building. The combs of the skirting board form a physical barrier for rodents, which are unable to move inside. The MOUSESTOP façade strip is an ideal protection of the lower parts of the insulation (thermal insulation layer).

The strip installed in the plinth area will protect against leakage of walls damaged by rodents, unpleasant odors and biological hazards (decomposing rodent corpses)

The skirting board can be easily formed in critical places, i.e. corners of the building. Mounting holes (for nails or screws) on the strip are placed every 4 cm.

Protection of the lower thermal insulation layer (polystyrene) with the MOUSESTOP skirting board will ensure the durability of the building insulation system.

Comb strip protecting the facades of wooden buildings against rodents: mice, martens, etc

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25x25x1250 mm, 45x25x1250 mm


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