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The new PERLANATO is a machine especially conceived to cut ceramic and porcelanic slabs. SIMA has a choice of models to match each need:

  • from 700 mm (27.5”) cutting lengh to 1000 mm (39.3”)
  • and a different cutting depth upon the use of a Ø200 mm (8”) or a Ø230 / Ø250 mm (9” / 10”) diamond blade adjusting the head height.

It is both, rugged and lightweight, as it is built on an aluminium frame and other rust-free materials. The cut is always thin and accurate.

The PERLANATO range is versatile, practical, highly performant and durable. They are perfect for cutting large slabs of hard porcelanic gres. All models have folding legs, and wheels are optionally available. Also as an option, they can be complemented with a side support with two clamps to lock the piece to the bench, for a more precise cut.

Efficient solutions:

  • The PERLANATO range offers fast, reliable and efficient solutions, performing the two basic functions that the tile fitter needs on the work site: a 90º and 45º fine cut.
  • The combination of its 1.5 Hp engine and the blade diameter (up to 250 mm / 10”), allows cutting all kind of materials up to 63 mm (2.4”) high:
  1. hard tiles
  2. terrazzo
  3. terracotta brick
  4. marble
  5. gres, etc.
  •  All PERLANATO models are delivered with a tile cutting diamond blade included.
  • The water supply hose pipe and wires are placed and lock so they never disturb the cutting field, but maintaining the necessary flexibility.
  • As in all SIMA cutting tables, the locknuts that fix the blade guard to the head are tied to the guard, to avoid being lost.

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Perlanato 200 1000, Perlanato 200 700, Perlanato 250 1000, Perlanato 250 700


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