Power trowel HALCON 65

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The HALCON 65 operates as a normal power trowel, but it also includes an upper stabilizing ring with rubber protected edges that allow the machine to operate very near to walls, kerbs and alike. Since its size is not too big, it can work into houses and apartments, through the door hollow, without folding it previously.

Chromium plated centrifugal clutch, ensuring the highest performance at high, medium and low engine revs. Emergency stop system (“dead-man release handle”), in accordance with EC safety regulations.

HALCON 95 and HALCON 125 are the only two models in the market including a water tank controlled from the handlebar to sprinkle water into concrete when needed.

Easy and accessible blades pitch regulation.

Owners manual

Additional information

Weight 62 kg
Dimensions 910 × 680 × 850 mm


power supply


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