Pulling and lifting machine ALBA 16A

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Pulls 1600 kg

The main specifications of the ALBA pulling and lifting machines are:

  • Three pulling machine models of up to 3.2 tonnes.
  • Used to lift and pull multiple loads.
  • Overload protection.
  • Body made from pressed, galvanised steel.
  • No aluminium components.
  • Special double-safety device.
  • Cable safety rating 6.
  • Compact and light.
  • Individual quality control.

Our pulling and lifting machines:
1. Stamped steel casing with reinforced shaping, double galvanized protection, lightweight, strong, with transport handles.
2. Activating levers, situated in line with the wire rope, ensure stability and improve the transmission of power.
3. Protection against advance overload, by means of a safety screw,which operates when over load reach near 100% of nominal capacity (pulling machine with 28% of maximum traction capacity).
4. Grip-Jaws opening system by means of claw couplers –patented- easy to carry out due to being visible from the outside.
5. High output of mechanism 95%, due to the high quality of materials used. Our pulling machines have no aluminium components, suitable for use in mines.
6. All winches are tested at the Factory, carrying out forward and backward runs with 125% of the nominal load. All wire ropes are tested, with their loop and hook, at 200% of the nominal load.
7. Minimum safety coefficient of winch is 5, and minimum safety coefficient of wire rope is 6. Approved by main inspection organisms: BS/LLOYDS,CEP, GS/TUV, EE.UU/UL.

Uses of pulling and lifting machines:
Construction – Public works, Mines and quarries – Electricity and Communications – Shipyards, Navigation – Transport, Railways – Firemen, Garages,
Agriculture, Forestry – Chemical and Petrol Industry – Armed Forces – Etc.

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 560 × 120 × 360 mm



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