Rebar Tie Wire TW1061T

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Steel wire.

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  • material: steel wire
  • Contains 30 coils per carton
  • Wire Ø: 1,0 mm
  • Suitable for: RB441T, RB611T, RB401T-E
  • MAX TW1061T Series Tie Wire are patented. EP 3326949/ RU 2675942 All patent-infringing products hinders fair trading and will not be tolerated. Use of non-TW1061T Series Tie Wire can result in serious problem that obstructs proper mechanical tool operation. Furthermore, the intended tying performance cannot be ensured. Make sure to only use TW1061T Series items in all MAX TWINTIER. Any tools using non-TW1061T-Series Tie Wire can be declined repair service.


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