Silicone spray 500 ml (090107)

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Silicone oil makes door seals and other rubber parts soft and flexible, protects them from drying and cracking. Water-repellent – prevents car doors from freezing in winter. Also suitable for the maintenance of all packing window and door seals.

Also suitable for restoring and protecting the gloss of plastic parts, but it must be taken into account that the surfaces remain oily and begin to collect dust. Therefore, we recommend the use of special tools (eg EX04 and 0506) for the maintenance of car fittings and bars. The same goes for car tires (search code 0594).

Can also be used as a universal grease, the mechanically strong oil layer makes the surfaces slippery and protects against corrosion.

The best lubricating properties and the right effect come out a few minutes after spraying, when the solvents have evaporated, as with all aerosol lubricants.

Heat resistance – 50`C to + 200`C.

When using, also follow the instructions for use on the bottle!

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