Re-bar bender SIMA DEL 32 2V

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Four models available to meet any rebar production requirements in both, job sites and rebar factories / workshops.

Supplied with the necessary pins, rollers and mandrels to produce the desired bending angle.

All models of DEL benders are also capable to produce stirrups, spirals and hoops using the optional accessories.

Easy low-cost maintenance can be even performed on site by the machine operator.

single-phase 230V inverter version is available for model DEL 32. This machine operates without needing a three-phase electric supply. It aligns perfectly with the single-phase CEL 36 P rebar shear in medium scope rebar works.

All DEL benders are fitted with the compulsory safety systems and devices to comply with all international safety regulations:

  • Mechanical safety devices: Automatic stop when frontal panel door opens or when the upper transparent polycarbonate shield is lifted.
  • Electrical safety devices: Fully hermetic control panel, with right/left turn selector, voltage and amperage display and magneto-thermal protection breaker switch.
  • Precise angle adjustment through pins and inductive sensors, dirt and water proof, much more reliable than standard limit switches.
  • Side short rulers with holes for pins, allowing an accurate tuning on angle adjustment (models DEL 32 and DEL 36).
  • Models DEL 45 and DEL 52 featured with side long rulers which allows double bends for “Z” shaped figures (bottle neck shapes).
  • Two speeds motor available upon request on models DEL 32DEL 36 and DEL 45.


Owners manual

Additional information

Weight 302 kg
Dimensions 950 × 850 × 1050 mm


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