Spiral Hoop bender SIMA SPIRAL 26

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Our machines SPIRAL 26 and SPIRAL 36 are specially designed to produce spiral or hoop rebar, at job sites or workshops, for:

  • foundations and pipelines
  • water dams and reservoirs
  • domes, arches and tunnels
  • round pillars and columns 

They have a capacity from min rebar 6mm (1/4″- #1) up to max. rebar 26mm (1″ – #8) and 36mm (1-3/8″ / #11), depending on the machine model and the rebar strengh (Grade).

The features of the Spiral Hoop bender:

  1. It does not require to pre-bend the leading end of the rebar.
  2. Safety pedal operated.
  3. Automatic or manual operation.
  4. Double speed operation, 7 or 14 meters (23ft. and 46ft.) per minute.
  5. Left and right bending turn.
  6. 2 tempered cog-wheel formers.
  7. Adjustable central cog-wheel for spiral or hoop curve radius.
  8. 2 ramps with rollers for pitch adjustment.
  9. Complete control panel, including emergency stop button, on/off switch, warning lights and operation switch selector.


Product INFO

Owners manual


Additional information

Weight 300 kg
Dimensions 1220 × 920 × 1150 mm


power supply


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