TackFix Construction Adhesive

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TackFix 180
TackFix 48
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Power Adhesives’ Tackfix glues are the fastest and strongest hot melt construction adhesives available, comprehensively out-performing all competitor hot-melts.

Tackfix 48 is a fast and easy-to-use high tack construction adhesive. The glue sets almost instantly once compressed, and forms a strong, stable bond.

Tackfix 180 is a high-strength construction adhesive with a long open time. The adhesive allows the bonded parts to be adjusted (even after compression) for up to 3 minutes. Tackfix 180 provides a tough but flexible bond which allows expansion and movement of materials once set.

Tackfix glues are non-toxic and have been specially formulated to run well in any glue gun. They are suitable for a variety of materials including wood, metal, concrete, glass, ceramics, leather, fabric, rubber and melamine.


TackFix 48 TDS

TackFix 180 TDS


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Power Adhesives

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12 mm


TackFix 180, TackFix 48


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