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RED ULTRA HD is a special edition of Qbrick System ONE products made of ultra-durable plastic that is characterized by extraordinary resistance to mechanical damage. The conducted impact tests confirm its extraordinary durability, also in conditions below 0 ° C.

The standard granulate used in the production has been replaced by a specially developed polymer blend. The seals on the lid protect the inside from water and dust. The Daytona handles, fasteners and closure buckles blend perfectly with the red boxes, giving the whole an attractive look.

Set parameters: Height: 101 cm / Width: 58.5 cm / Length: 38.5 cm / Weight: 23.5 kg


QS ONE Cart RED Ultra HD is a large capacity mobile toolbox equipped with large wheels mounted on a metal axle. It is equipped with a telescopic handle made of anodized aluminum. For better organization of the interior, the chest has been equipped with two trays and two compartments.

The standard cover (VARIO) in QS ONE Cart is equipped with additional connectors that allow for connecting this version of the cover with the toolbox models from the Qbrick System PRO line (500, Toolcase, Toolbox, Organizer 100,200,300 and alternatively PRO 600). This is a unique version of the box, thanks to which the user can combine elements from two product lines.

 Qbrick System ONE 350 Technik: 

  • Reguleeritavad vaheseinad
  • Vastupidavad kaanekinnitused
  • Tugevad käepidemed
  • Tihendiga kaas (Vee ja tolmu kaitse)
  • Tugevdatud kaas
  • Suur maht

Dimensions (external / internal):

  • Height: 320/245 mm

  • Width: 585/519 mm

  • Length: 385/305 mm

  • Density standard: IP66

  • Capacity: 38 l

  • Weight: 6.2 kg


Qbrick System ONE 200 Profi:

  • vee- ja tolmukindel tihend,
  • tugevdatud struktuuriga korpus,
  • ülemine ja külgmine käepide lihtsaks kandmiseks, tõstmiseks ja libistamiseks,
  • väga vastupidavast tehnilisest polüamiidist käepidemed,
  • kinnitused ja kinnitusdetailid,
  • reguleeritavad vaheseinad,
  • 3 eemaldatavat karpi tarvikute jaoks,
  • 2 läbipaistvat organiseerijat koos liigutatavate vaheseintega kaanes.


Dimensions (external / internal):

  • Height: 190/97 mm
  • Width: 585/519 mm
  • Length: 385/305 mm
  • Density standard: IP66
  • Capacity: 15.4 l
  • Weight: 5.3 kg

Qbrick System ONE Organizer XL: 

Organizer XL is the largest model in the range of cases that can be combined with each other, but also with all the modules in the ONE line. Organizer XL contains 12 containers (in two different sizes). Waterproof and dustproof.


  • Height: 131 mm
  • Width: 582 mm
  • Length: 387 mm
  • Capacity: 13.5 l
  • Weight: 3.9 kg



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