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TRENCHER is a pavement cutting machine that can operate with either one or two blades of:

  • Ø350 mm (14”) or Ø400 mm (16”)
  • Ø450 mm (18”) or Ø500 mm (20”).

The distance between the two blades can be adjusted to 60 cm, 65 cm. and 70 cm. (24”, 26” and 28”).

It is a very rugged and all-round machine, improved for heavy duty works always performing with precision and reliability.

It can also be operated as a conventional cutter, with the blade placed on either sides. Besides, the TRENCHER can also be adapted, with the optional accessories needed, to perform two very
close parallel cuts of 5 cm, 8 cm or 10 cm wide.

Two parallel cuts just in one go:

  • Ø500 mm (20”) blade guards available as optional. (Only for versions Honda 23Hp, Kohler 18Hp and Lombardini 16Hp).
  • Two blade guards.
  • Two water tanks.
  • It can cut with just one blade, either on the right or the left side.
  • Locking system of cutting depth.
  • Cyclone air filter 13Hp Honda motor version.
  • Oil level dipstick and oil drain plug.
  • Parking brake.
  • Hubcups at front and rear wheels to protect the bearings.


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Honda GX630 23HP, HondaGX390 CYC 13HP, Kohler CH620 18HP, Lombardini 25 LD 16HP


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