Universal oil 500 ml (090206)

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MOTIP analog for WD-40.

Silicone-free universal cleaning, lubricating and protective agent, which to some extent replaces a number of other technical aerosols. Like all universal things, it does not completely replace the tool for each specific operation, but is a very good helper in some situations.

Due to its many specific properties, it is very widely used both industrially and in households.


1. Helps to open rusted bolts-nuts and other parts. Thanks to its very good infiltration ability, the shop is sanded on all sides, dissolves rust and lubricates surfaces, as a result of which it is much easier to open nuts or pipe connections, for example. A special tool for this is MOTIP Rust Impregnation (0573).

2. Oils surfaces. Leaves a thin layer of oil on the surfaces, which makes them slippery. Suitable for lubricating all kinds of door and window hinges, switches, power and hand tools and an endless number of other things that need lubrication. However, the grease layer is not as mechanically strong and durable as, for example, MOTIP Teflon grease (0564).

3. Repels moisture. It removes water from damp surfaces, in particular it stores through a thin layer of moisture, adheres to the surface and forms an oily protective layer that repels water. This helps, for example, to start motors whose high voltage system is not working properly due to moisture. A special tool for this is the MOTIP Liquid Insulator (0576).

4. Protects against rust. Leaves a thin layer of moisture-repellent oil on the surfaces, which protects against corrosion. However, for winter preservation of garden tools, bicycles, boat engines, etc., we recommend using, for example, MOTIP Vaseline (0571), which leaves a thicker and stronger protective layer.

5. Cleans. Helps remove, for example, stain stains, chewing gum, some types of sticker and glue residue, and other stuck dirt. It does not dissolve dirt, but the store has a very good permeability between different surfaces and the surface is easier to clean by rubbing or scraping. However, to avoid possible paint damage, we recommend using a special pitch remover (0418 or AP2039) to remove pitch stains from the car body, which dissolves the pitch residue and can be washed off.

When using, also follow the instructions for use on the bottle!

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