Table saw VENUS 125 Polypanel

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    VENUS 125 Polypanel table saw

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    Structural Insulated panels (SIP), as expanded polyurethane (PUR), polyestyren panels (EPS), or rock wool panels, are being increasenly used in construction. Their high insulating and fire-resistant properties add to the lightweight of these materials and their attractive and varied finishings.

    However, due to their size, they are cumbersome and difficult to handle. They are tipically cut with powertools.

    SIMA launches a cutting table especially designed for cutting Structural Insulated Panels.

    The only cutting table in the market especially designed to cut SIP panel: expanded Polyurethane (PUR) foam, Polyestyren foam panels (EPS), and rock wool panels, …


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    Weight 117 kg
    Dimensions 1960 × 870 × 950 mm


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    3 (4)


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