Invis Mx2 MiniMag

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Magneetiline ektsentrik Invis Mx2 ühenduste kinnitamiseks ja võti ühenduste sisestamiseks.

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    Invis Mx2

     Invis Mx is the unique connection that satisfies the highest demands for aesthetics, stability and productivity. With no visible openings, Invis Mx can be quickly detached and reconnected at any time via its magnet drive.

     The Invis Mx connectors and studs are quickly and easily screwed into prepared 12 mm drill holes using a cordless drill. The MiniMag is then fixed to the cordless drill and rotated on the surface to close the connection with a clamping force of up to 250 kg per connector.


    • The MiniMag Mx drive magnet is compatible with any standard cordless drill with a speed of 1200 – 1500 min-1
    • The rotating magnetic field of the MiniMag Mx drives the connector just as one cogwheel drives another
    • The thread on the connector attaches screws into the internal thread of the stud, driven by the contact-free magnetic field
    • To undo the connection, simply reverse the rotational direction of the drill.


    • The connection is always detachable
    • Powerful screwed joints with 250 kg clamping force per connector via the M5 stainless steel screw
    • Easy handling due to the installation tolerance
    • Perfectly clamped joints without the need for clamps


    • Quickly detachable yet securely mounted table legs
    • Invisible mounting of stairs on-site
    • Join wall panels and separation walls without the need for holes that will later need to be covered
    • Transport fitted wardrobes and large items of furniture in multiple parts for quick, invisible assembly on-site
    • Glueing aid for high-gloss surfaces without leaving marks on the delicate surface. Clamp curved elements on-site without the need for complicated clamping devices





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