Carton Top stapler c.561M

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    Carton top stapler for 32 series staples

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    Carton Top stapler c.561M

    Top stapler c.561M is a Swedish-manufactured manual top stapler for professional use. The tool is equipped with cover caps of engineering plastic providing an extremely low weight; wear parts are made of metal. The c.561M is switchable between JK561-15 and 18 mm leg lengths. The tool is easy to adjust for different stapling depths and has precise (repeatable) stapling and a complete stapling cycle. It has good balance, a comfortable handle, and adjustable stapling depth requiring minimal maintenance. Top stapler staples provide a safe and concurrently neat closure reducing the risk of theft. You will achieve the best results for a secure seal.

    Technical Data

    • Article No.125102
    • Weight 1.6 kg ( 3.5 lbs )
    • Dimensions 455 × 104 × 320 mm ( 17.9 x 4.1 x 12.6 in )
    • Magazine capacity 150 fasteners
    • Staple leg length 15 – 18 mm ( 5/8 – 3/4 in )
    • Leg length 455 mm ( in )
    • Lubrication No

    Staple series: ATRO: C; OMER: 32; BEA:32; KIHLBERG: 561; PREBENA: R


    Additional information

    Weight 1,6 kg
    Dimensions 455 × 104 × 320 mm

    Josef Kihlberg

    Tray capacity





    32 seeria


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