Nail breaker pneumatic RECONNX V20

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The pneumatic nail breaker of the American company RECONNX V20 allows you to remove nails from wooden elements (boards; beams).

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The pneumatic nail breaker of the American company RECONNX V20 allows you to remove nails from wooden elements (boards; beams).

The V20 knocks nails out of wood efficiently and quickly. The mounted DN60 punch has a diameter of 6.49mm inside and can be used for nails up to 6mm in diameter, so the V20 will handle most nails. It is enough to make from 1 to 5 shots (depending on the degree – depth of embedding and hardness of wood) to knock out the nail from the blade side.

The nail can be straightened before knocking out with a punch, then move the tool away from the wood surface so that the nose covers at least 1/2 of the nail and press the trigger. If the nail has not been removed, we repeat the shot until the nail is completely removed from the material. This way of working is up to four times faster compared to the traditional method of removing nails with a crowbar. Thanks to this method of removing nails, the recovery of wood for its reprocessing (e.g. from lumber, wooden floors, fences) is effective.

The elastic sleeve also minimizes the wedging of the knocked nails. V20 has a punching retraction adjustment in 3 ranges from 0; 9; 20mm (full recall).

The robust construction allows for long-term operation and guarantees reliability even in the harshest conditions.

The method of knocking nails with a pneumatic tool has been operating on the American market for 15 years.


  • pallet repair; wooden packaging; elements of garden architecture
  • Wood recycling after demolition
  • recovery of wooden boards for further processing
  • dismantling of wooden facades; Floors


  • Weight: 1,60 kg
  • Working pressure: 6.2 to 8.3 bar
  • Air consumption: 1.0 liters/shot
  • punching size: DN60

The set includes:

  • plastic case
  • oiler
  • mini crowbar (breszka)
  • Allen key
  • male connector DN7.2


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