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    P-System for CNC

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    P-System CNC

    The advantages of the P-System and its Clamex P-14, Tenso P-14 and Divario P-18 connectors are also being well received in CNC production . Several thousand companies worldwide use the inserting system on their CNC machines. This impetus is further accelerated by the integration of macros in many new machines and by adapting existing products to the P-System, for example the Weeke BHX 200 or the Benz Flex 5+C aggregate.

    Thanks to the efficient cutting of the P-system groove, using P-system connectors is even more efficient and reliable.

    Swivelling units, such as the Flex 5+C from Benz, enable P-System grooves to be cut at any angle. It is thus possible to utilise this great advantage of the connecting fittings and to join and clamp pieces together at all sorts of different angles.

    The P-System connecting fittings can be installed either with the Zeta P2 power tool or using a CNC machine.

    The use on a CNC machine requires the diamond-tipped P-System cutter with tool opening 30mm. To cut P-System grooves in the work piece edge using an angle aggregate, a cutter arbor is used the dimensions of which vary according to the unit and machine type.

    The 6 mm carbide drill is used for angles of up to 30 degrees without deflecting when it hits the work piece surface. This is necessary for mitre joints and other angled connections since the tool openings are at the same angle as the cut, thus presenting a risk of drill slippage.



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