Profila Pro Plus

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Laminate trimmer

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Profila is a pneumatically or electric powered laminate trimmer for mobile use and is ideal for simultaneous flush trimming and rounding of protruding PVC, melamine or veneer edges. The unique opening on the base plate allows protruding edges to be processed with the device applied on the surface rather than on the edge and thus effectively preventing wobbling. Processing of work pieces with inside or outside radius is also possible.

  • Powertool for flush trimming and simultaneous rounding off of all work piece forms
  • Large base plate with opening allows machine to be guided on the surface without wobbling
  • Robust and precise stepless height adjustment ensures that the base plate is always fixated at the correct angle

Profila Pro plus with pneumatic drive

  • carbide tipped cutter Z2
  • R 2 mm
  • collet chucks 6mm and 8mm
  • tool set
  • manual
  • dust cover


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Additional information

Weight 1 kg


Working pressure



400 W


22 000 p/min


180 l/min


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