We perofrm mainteance and repairs on Ottensten Estonia OÜ, as well as elsewhere purchased tools.

Maintenance helps to save Client’s working time, which would be spent on repairs. Each device has a recommended maintenance interval.

The maintenance is performed by the specialists of Ottensten Estonia OÜ, who have completed trainings fo the maintenance of the equipment of the respective manufacturers.

Most spare parts are in stock and repairs can be performed within 7 days, or urgent repairs within 24 hours(Check price list and if spare parts are available).


Prices(Estonian VAT included):

Mainteance and Repairs price is  45€/h.

Fastwork price 75€/h. (You will get your tool back within 1 day(if spare parts are in stock) if you chooce fast work)

NB! Ottensten Estonia OÜ has the right to charge a defect/handeling* fee 15€ when brining the device for repair.

*(troubleshooting depening on the severtiy of the evice, without repair and assebly)

Contact us:

Tools should be sent to:

  • Ottensten Eesti OÜ
  • Riia 130 B/2-2,
  • 50411 Tartu

Ottensten Eesti OÜ offers qarantine and after qarantien service and repairs for Power Adhesives in the following countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Ottensten Eesti OÜ is official dealer for following brands (authorized service):